Taking a Break

Happy new year all!  It's been a while since I've written anything or tended to the site, partially due to the holidays and me and my wife had our first child at the start of October.  It's been a pretty busy couple months.  

So with all that happening, and as well as some personnel changes with the band, I've decided that it is in the best interest of the band to take a break from live performance for a while.  It's a hard decision and one that I have been thinking about for a while.  I love playing live and want to put on the best show possible, but I don't feel that i can give the time right now to give all that is required.  It's not permanent, but it is what is best in the stage of my life.

With that said, we will still be working on new material, and hopefully will release some new stuff soon.  

Thanks so much to everyone who has bought or streamed our EP's we released last year. I am so appreciative of the support and I can't wait to put out new material soon.


EP 2 is Now Out!

We would like to inform you that EP 2 is now out and available to stream, download, and do with what you will.  It is the second of two EP's that we have put out this year and we are extremely proud of it.  If you like what you hear, please share it!  You guys are our best advertising, and we would be nowhere without you!

Bandcamp: http://gdansk.bandcamp.com

iTunes:  https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/ep-2-ep/id929612889?uo=4

Thank you so much for listening!  We are so grateful.


New Single and EP

We are happy to announce we are releasing a new EP on November 25th entitled "EP 2".  It's the second part of our double EP project.  We will be releasing a single on October 28th as well.  More info to follow so charge your phones...

We will also be joining Kalle Mattson on November 5th at The Casbah in Hamilton for a single release.  Info here: http://casbahlounge.ca/event_listing/kalle-mattson/